CASA Stories

Below is the story of two of our CASAs who happen to be a couple!

We are a married couple who serve as CASAs together. We’ve been married for almost 54 years, and aside from parenting we’ve rarely worked as satisfyingly on any endeavor before.

Being a team, we feel able to accept complicated cases. If the case has several children, with multiple fathers, multiple grandparents, different therapists, several schools, and separate foster homes, the travel in this very large county can be daunting. We are able to divide the travel and appointment responsibilities if schedules require it, or we can benefit from having four eyes and four ears on any one encounter.

Being a couple makes us a comfortable fit for families with male and female siblings of varying ages. Alan can talk almost any sport with the athletes and Sharon can relate to fashion, books, and music with others. Having grandkids, we are able to keep somewhat current on trends and tech if we try really hard. If one hasn’t heard of a topic, perhaps the other has. Pokemon Go!

We bring complementary sets of skills to the task of advocating together for children in the foster care system, and we highly recommend it. Having been a teacher, Sharon is more comfortable relating to schools staff, and she understands the ins and outs of Special Ed better. Alan, having sat in many a business meeting, is a world-class note taker. Sharon likes to organize those notes and other paperwork, and write reports. Alan’s eagle eye makes him an expert editor.  Alan thinks Sharon reads people better. Sharon thinks that Alan reads fine print, legal jargon, and technical issues better.

Our table talk and even our pillow talk has changed since becoming Co-CASAs. We are free to share thoughts, concerns, frustrations, and hopes without violating confidentiality. This is a HUGE benefit to serving together. We can learn from each other, attending different  training programs and reading different articles and books depending upon our separate interests and needs. We can play devil’s advocate with each other when ironing out the subtleties of communicating effectively with the court, the parties, and DHS.

Every couple has different skills and attributes to share and that can contribute to make a strong CASA team. Having your best, most trusted friend to boost your spirits, your efforts, and your effectiveness makes serving as CASAs together something we can highly recommend.